Patient Groups

At Danetre Medical Practice we value our patients input and try to keep them involved as much as possible. We currently have two patient groups: the Patient Relationship Groups and the Virtual Patient Relationship Group.

If you wish to join either of these groups please contact us on:

Patient Relationship Group

The Patient Relationship Group, or our PRG group as they are known, are a group of volunteer patients who meet every six weeks to influence decisions that will impact on the services being offered to you at this practice.

Available online to read at your leisure is our latest Patient Relationship Group report and reports from previous years. See how our PRG members have been focusing on over the last year and see if you would like to get involved!

Information from each meeting of the PRG shall be collected together to produce a meeting minutes and these can be seen on our website:

AGM Agenda

Virtual Patient Relationship Group

The virtual PRG is a volunteer list of patients with whom we communicate via e-mail. The Practice will contact members of this group to ask them questions about the surgery.