Nurses Appointments – Minor Illness Clinic

Our Minor Illness Clinics run every week day for a variety of minor conditions. Alison and Anita, our experienced nurse practitioners, run these clinics and they are able to prescribe should you need a prescription. Most patients can be seen the same day so these clinics are very popular with patients. They however cannot see anyone who is under 5 years old.

Conditions they are able to address include:

Aches and pains Diarrhoea Head lice Sore eyes
Burns Dizziness Headaches Sore throats
Cellulitis Ear aches and ear infections Infected wounds Sties
Constipation Eczema Insects bites and stings Sunburn
Contraception Emergency contraception Nose bleeds Threadworms
Coughs and colds Fever and high temperatures Rashes Vaginal discharge
Cystitis and urinary tract infections Hay-fever Sinusitis Vomiting